Six Months Out - Full Body Picture

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well, I did spend my Saturday relaxing with my friend. We had lunch, during which I ate more veggies than I've had the entire time I've been sleeved, I think. Then we ran around looking at houses, in and out of the car, then to a couple of stores, so I got my exercise in yesterday, even if it was in little spurts. To cap off the day, we had haircuts, eyebrow waxing and pedicures. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, how nice.

Mine took awhile, but I got to sit in the massage chair while the lady took oodles of time on my feet and legs. That was so relaxing, plus we got to catch up on each other's lives for the last couple of weeks. Hers has been very exciting because of the training for her new job!

NSVs yesterday: I needed to wear capris or pants that would roll up for the pedicure, which meant I had to dip into the clothes I bought at Goodwill awhile back. I'm happy to report that the cute capri pants I wore yesterday were in my new, smaller, size!   My friend, who hasn't seen me in a couple of weeks, told me that she can definitely see a difference in my face and waist. As a side note, isn't it nice to have friends who will stretch things to make you feel better?! :)  Also, despite all the walking and moving around we did yesterday, I wasn't exhausted or feeling like I had been beat up by the end of the evening.

I keep hearing that the energy level and ability to walk/do things keeps going up as we lose weight. I feel sorry for those who will have to keep up with me if that's true! I feel so much more energetic and alive now than I did just a few short months ago!!! To quote someone, "My future's so bright I gotta wear shades!"

Off to see what Sunday will offer up!

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