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Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Things I Like Post-Op

Mio drops - they let me put just a little flavor in a drink, or a lot if that's what I want.
Mini Babybel cheeses-yum, just the right amount for a snack for me.
Rotisserie chicken-nice, moist chicken that is easy to chew and doesnt make Rex (my sleeve) complain

Cotton anything. I like that I can wash them in hot water and shrink them a bit for when I undergrow them. And, they feel good against my skin.
V-neck shirts. I didn't like them before, but now they show off my thinner neck instead of accenting the rolls!

Walking and Lifting Weights. I still laugh at myself every time I say I'm going to "work out". It seems like I do so little, but it's SO much more than I could do before. I see progress every time.

NSVs. I had no clue what these were before surgery and now I'm racking them up like pinball points! :)

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