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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cable Problems Abound

I'm so not impressed with Comcast Cable. When I called last week to move my service, they informed me that I would have to be treated as if I were a new subscriber because I'm now in a different "market". The bright side of this is that I should be installed sooner than those who were "just" transferring service and that I should receive a call back on Thursday or Friday to confirm me new, closer, installation date.

On Tuesday, I spent most of the afternoon trying to find someone who could tell me if I will be installed sooner, or if I am actually stuck waiting until Sunday for an installer. After 3 frustrating hours on the phone, I do not have any answers. So, apparently, I'm stuck. I will be back online as soon as possible. Right now, I'm cadging some wifi at Denny's. Thank you, Denny's for Free WiFi. And a big fooey on Comcast for being so customer service oriented! NOT!

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