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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My "Talk" for Someone Considering VSG Surgery

I have posted my journey before, but I'll paraphrase it. I have been heavy most of my adult life, gaining a few pounds a year. But, I've been mostly healthy with no major problems. Until last May, when I got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital, which started a roller coaster ride of co-morbidities. Within three months, I was on oxygen, coumadin for blood clots, was dx with rheumatoid arthritis, borderline diabetic, etc. The list was as long as my arm and then I was hospitalized a second time for the blood clots, which threw two pulmonary embolisms into my lungs. Between May and August, I was told to prepare to die three times. My doctors told me I wouldn't live another year unless I got the weight off me fast.

I'm not looking for sympathy by posting all of that, just telling you that you can be perfectly healthy one day and practically on death's doorstep the next. When the problems hit, they hit with a vengeance. I was lucky that I didn't die from the pneumonia or from the pulmonary embolisms. It was almost too late for me to have WLS when I finally decided that I had to do it. Because I had all those other problems, instead of "just" being sleeved, I had to have two more operations in order to have the sleeve done.

Nobody knows how much time they have left, but I was determined to give my body a fighting chance at living. I hate to see someone put off WLS, especially if it's because they are currently healthy. If you're ready and want to take this weight off now, this is an amazing tool to help do that. And, I hope that it will save others from having to go through what I've been through.


  1. Perfect post. Through this process I met a wonderful cardiologist who thanked me for taking the steps towards WLS before I got unhealthy.

    I read your posts on VST by the way. I appreciate your honesty and straightforward replies to people.

  2. You know it's sad that so many that need WLS don't have it. I read that only 2% if those that would be eligible by their BMI actually have WLS. Congrats on your VSG! :-)

  3. I think you're totally right. Some people think you need to be suffering from major problems to have WLS. I think you should do it BEFORE these major problems strike if you can. One of my friends, whom I was talking to about my surgery, said one of his step-brothers had recently had gastric bypass, "BUT", he said, "He was suffering from major problems." (As if I wasn't!) And he's right. My only problem was high blood pressure and pregnancy complications due to my weight. I know he wasn't trying to say I didn't "need" surgery, or need it "as bad" but I feel like so many people, doctors included, feel WLS is "last resort" and I disagree. I'm SO GLAD you pulled through all of those hurdles and are ALIVE. :)