Six Months Out - Full Body Picture

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well, the scale was nice to me two days in a row! I'm down yet another pound. Of course, today I think it might be because I didn't drink enough water yesterday. I still struggle for that 64 ounces every day, but I'm very creative about drinking it.

I have to confess that I do have diet coke a couple of times a week. There's one sitting beside the keyboard as I type this. However, I'm nowhere near as addicted as I was pre-surgery. I've already had a 17 ounce bottle of water and two cups of decaf coffee this morning, then I ran out to a customer who offered me an ice cold bottle of diet coke. Yummy. I know that means I have to drink an extra bottle of water to make up for the soda, but that's worth it, in my opinion.

I'm adding a new picture to the blog today. This was taken a few days ago and I think it shows a lot about how far I've come in my journey... both in terms of weight loss and in terms of how happy I am normally.

Loving life and looking forward to what's coming next! :)

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