Six Months Out - Full Body Picture

Thursday, April 17, 2014


So, yesterday was interesting. I spent most of it huddled inside asking myself if I really live in South Florida! It was 63 degrees when I got up. I know that those who live anywhere else in the country are thinking that's a beautiful temperature, but that's COLD to Floridians. Monday it was 86 degrees here, so 63 is a big drop in temperature and I actually wore sweat pants, socks, and a long sleeved shirt most of the day.

Since my WLS, I've been cold anyway. Apparently ghrelin is partly responsible for regulating the body's temperature and mine has been out of whack ever since my Sleeve. Almost all of my clothes are long sleeved these days and I prefer long pants unless it's around 90 degrees outside. Forget going into a doctor's office or hospital! I need a winter coat for those places.

I have noticed that I don't feel as cold when I make sure I take my vitamins, so that's one of my primary resolutions this year. I'm working to make sure I get my vitamins in every day and I'm trying to eat a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables.

Time for me to find a pair of socks and get to work for the day.

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